Marketing is the most important component to building a great financial presence.
Exclusive Marketing Systems
Nearly every type of marketing program you can think of to help you grow your business to new heights.
Seminars & Group Event Systems
Dinner Seminars and group events are by far the number one choice for advisors looking to quickly grow their business—because they still really work.
Social Security System
Social Security is always a hot topic for clients, and gets some serious results. Are you taking advantage of the high draw a program like this can achieve?
Direct Mail Marketing System
Direct mail drip marketing should be a cornerstone of your business. No matter what your budget, this strategy is part of your overall marketing plan.
Academic Based Marketing System
Our academic based marketing program offered by the Richness of Life Institute is a proven, powerful and effective way to grow your business with no seminars or selling.
Client Event Systems
Client events, when done right, are the foundation of a referral culture. Our events are high-touch and highly effective at growing your business.
Email Marketing System
Email marketing is the highest ROI and most effective marketing activity for the money, and costs nearly nothing to initiate. We can help you get started.
Design & Branding Services
You could be the nicest, smartest, best advisor in the world, but if your brand is poorly done, you will lose clients and sales. This is an absolute must address component.
Website Development
A great website is as important as anything else you can do for your business. Without one, your success will suffer. Let us help you build a terrific one.
Custom Video Creation Services
Showcase your brand and your expertise with custom video development, and take your business success to skyrocketing heights. You’ll be amazed at the results.
Advisor PR Services
People want to do business with experts and celebrities. You can indeed be both, and your success in the financial industry will be more than you imagined.
And the Industry’s Best Materials!
We have been consistently told by our advisors that we have the best materials in the industry. With four full time graphic designers on staff, we strive to ensure our materials are of the utmost design and quality. Take a look and see for yourself!
Not sure where to start?
We’ve Got Your Blueprint.
United Advisors systematically researched, developed and built a complete marketing blueprint for you to follow.
You just need to customize it for you and hit ‘GO’!
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Contract with us today or learn more by attending one of our upcoming training events.
Business Assessment
Review what’s worked and hasn’t worked, plus where your strengths and weaknesses are.
Goal Planning
Plan your goals for the upcoming year with our easy but proven goal planning system.
Review Marketing Options
Understand what systems and programs are available to you, and which ones fit you best.
ROI Projections
Create a more tailored plan by mapping out a cost-analysis outline and your ROI projections.
Build Marketing Calendar
It’s proven that mapping your marketing for the year will increase your efficiency and results.
Create a Superbrand
Your business won’t go far without a brand so good, it can only be called a Superbrand.
Get Started!
You’ve got the plan, now put it in place, knowing you have our 100% support on call at any time.
Create a Financial Superbrand
These days, brand is everything. Appearance matters. Your clients are assessing you and your competition and choosing whichever looks best. Let us help you build a cutting-edge brand today so you can dominate your marketplace.
Here’s an example of the financial superbrand developed for CEO Steve Lewit’s retail practice.
Real Life Case Study
  1. Logo
    You need a hand-designed logo that symbolically represents your company and what it stands for.
  2. Philosophy
    A Superbrand should include a philosophy that’s at the core of everything you do.
  3. Tagline
    A good tagline can really add to your brand’s overall strength, solidarity and meaning.
  4. Materials
    All materials in your Superbrand should be thoughtfully planned out and well integrated.
  5. Impact Kits
    You need to develop key sets of materials for specific, intended uses. We call these Impact Kits.
  6. Website
    A cutting-edge, well-designed website is at the center of your complete Superbrand.
  7. Celebrity & PR
    Materials are critical, but so is your recognition, expertise, credentials, and celebrity status.
Creating Your Own Brand Too Much?
Join Our Brand-in-a-Box National Network
We provide you with everything you need to run a successful practice, including national brand recognition, cutting edge websites, professionally designed and pre-branded materials, in-house fulfillment and so much more.
  • A Developed Brand
  • National Recognition
  • Customized Stationary
  • Professional Materials
  • Pre-built Website
  • Matching Email
  • PR Services
  • Enhanced Support
  • Automated Marketing Technology
    A powerful technology platform that will revolutionize your marketing and prospecting efforst instantly.
    Automated Email
    VFM will feature extensive email campaigns and automated marketing. VFM builds everything you need. All you have to do is upload a contact and assign a campaign. It’s truly that easy.
    Automated Direct Mail
    VFM will also automate your direct mail, including postcards, newsletters, holiday cards and more. Just find your contact in the system, choose the item or the campaign, and hit send.
    Automated Websites
    VFM will help you build websites that actually generate leads. With proven contact form systems integrated right into your email marketing, it’s easier than you ever thought possible.
    Marketing Materials Library
    VFM will make available to you an extensive library of any and all kinds of marketing materials, all customizable and brandable to you – including invitations, postcards, seminars and more.
    Marketing Plan ROI Technology System
    VFM will give you an easy-to-use platform to manage your marketing costs, campaigns, ROI and much more! No other technology system gives you the ability to track this vital data.
    Online Marketing Presentations
    VFM will provide you with custom-branded sales presentations and marketing presentations, available to download and print or stream online on your computer, iPad or smart phone.
    VFM platform in development by partners of United Advisors.
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    "I had just transitioned into the financial industry from a ministry background and had been working for less than 1 year with modest success. When I met Steve Lewit and United Advisors, I was able to transform my business from $3 million per year in annuities to over $15 million of total production and $4 million assets under management in only 2 years. I just plugged myself into Steve’s coaching and leadership, and the systems he and his team have created. There is no way I could have done it without them!"
    - Tami S., California
    "When I joined United Advisors in 2008, I had very high expectations. Since then, I’ve never been let down, not even once. I am most impressed by all the marketing support I’ve received—seminar and client events in particular. I’ve learned how to market them much more effectively and successfully than I ever did in the past. They’ve set me apart from the competition and truly allowed my entire business to grow."
    - Rick A., North Carolina
    "My sales had been stuck in a rut when I decided to join United Advisors. Turns out, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I really “connect” with the sales system and am very excited by how it’s helped me to position both more annuities and assets under management simultaneously. I think clients really grasp the simple concepts and well-presented materials. It is like night and day compared to my old process."
    - Barbara S., Colorado
    "I was looking for a marketing organization that could help my business grow. When I came here, the atmosphere and the people were exactly what I wanted— people who I knew were looking out for me, not just my production. I really feel like I’m important to them, and that’s something that is very meaningful to me. I never felt this way with any other marketing group."
    - Roy L., Pennsylvania