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Exclusive Sales DNA Changer Event
2 Days of Powerful Sales Training with CEO Steve Lewit
This new powerful sales-intensive event will revolutionize how you approach sales and your level of success.
What You
Will Learn
A Powerful Selling Philosophy
Stop selling like a caveman! Learn Steve Lewit’s time-tested sales philosophy and transform yourself into a true modern-day advisor.
An Evolutionary System
Learn what you have been thinking, saying and doing wrong, and how to transform and evolve your skills quickly and effectively.
A New Way of Thinking
Forget old-school selling. Gone are hot buttons, trial closes and overcoming objections. Learn the new way to sell with success.
What You
Will Experience
Thorough Training
This jam-packed 2-day event is led by CEO Steve Lewit, nationally regarded sales coach and author of The Selling Chronicles.
Advanced Role-Playing
Don’t just listen, participate and learn with in-depth and advanced role-playing sessions. It’s proven to help you get better faster.
Hands-On Practice
In addition to roleplaying, the Sales DNA changer event is filled with interactive, hands-on practice and training opportunities.
What You
Will Gain
Nothing will make you more successful than knowing you can close nearly every prospect you see. You can get that confidence here.
Wisdom is understanding the subtle nuances and advanced tactics involved in becoming a sales pro. It’s time you gained that wisdom.
Clarity is knowing what to say, when to say it, and why. Attain clarity and peace of mind through our comprehensive sales training.
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Features & Highlights
  1. Learn Power Player Secrets
    The Power Player Conference is your opportunity to learn secrets from the best-of-the-best. Most of our top producers will be in attendance, sharing the ideas and strategies they have personally used to build a booming practice. This is your opportunity to learn from the greatest.
  2. Experience Hyper Connectivity
    The Power Player Conference will give you the ability to network and connect with your peers through multiple channels, including mastermind impact teams, peer-to-peer sharing groups, idea boards and more. Staying connected is critical in our industry, and this is the place to do it.
  3. Attain Personal Power Shifts
    Power Players create Power Shifts—the moment when your life and business make sudden, positive change—an unqualified and uncontrollable shift for the better. These shifts are experiential and meaningful. This is your moment to experience a truly visceral, personal power shift.
  4. Gain Revitalization and Energy
    Emotion drives all change. Power Players become intimately reconnected to levels of emotion, energy and passion to create new and better business opportunities. Power Players possess the will to overcome anything in their way. You will experience a burst of confi dence, clarity and purpose to drive your business forward at momentous speed.
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"I had just transitioned into the financial industry from a ministry background and had been working for less than 1 year with modest success. When I met Steve Lewit and United Advisors, I was able to transform my business from $3 million per year in annuities to over $15 million of total production and $4 million assets under management in only 2 years. I just plugged myself into Steve’s coaching and leadership, and the systems he and his team have created. There is no way I could have done it without them!"
- Tami S., California
"When I joined United Advisors in 2008, I had very high expectations. Since then, I’ve never been let down, not even once. I am most impressed by all the marketing support I’ve received—seminar and client events in particular. I’ve learned how to market them much more effectively and successfully than I ever did in the past. They’ve set me apart from the competition and truly allowed my entire business to grow."
- Rick A., North Carolina
"My sales had been stuck in a rut when I decided to join United Advisors. Turns out, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I really “connect” with the sales system and am very excited by how it’s helped me to position both more annuities and assets under management simultaneously. I think clients really grasp the simple concepts and well-presented materials. It is like night and day compared to my old process."
- Barbara S., Colorado
"I was looking for a marketing organization that could help my business grow. When I came here, the atmosphere and the people were exactly what I wanted— people who I knew were looking out for me, not just my production. I really feel like I’m important to them, and that’s something that is very meaningful to me. I never felt this way with any other marketing group."
- Roy L., Pennsylvania